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[Download... 47.6MB PDF] 2015 07-09: Na Daukaulotu

[Download... 3.3MB PDF] 2015 07-09: Biblical Missionaries (English Teacher Edition)

"To every one who becomes a partaker of His grace, the Lord appoints a work for others. Individually we are to stand in our lot and place, saying, “Here I am; send me.”
Upon the minister of the word, the missionary nurse, the Christian physician, the individual Christian, whether he be merchant or farmer, professional man or mechanic,—the responsibility rests upon all. It is our work to reveal to men the gospel of their salvation. Every enterprise in which we engage should be a means to this end."
The Ministry of Healing, 148.

Fijian Lesson Book Archives

[Download... 26.5MB PDF] 2015 04-06: Na I Vola Nei Luke
[Download... 06.5MB PDF] 2015 01-03: Na Vosa Vakaibalebale
[Download... 02.2MB PDF] 2014 10-12: Nai Vola i Jamesa
[Download... 19.2MB PDF] 2014 07-09: Na Vei Vakavuvuli Nei Jisu
[Download... 19.4MB PDF] 2014 04-06: Karisito Kei Na Nona Vunau
[Download... 13.8MB PDF] 2014 01-03: Veivakatisaipelitaki
[Download... 22.2MB PDF] 2013 10-12: Na Valetabu
[Download... 11.9MB PDF] 2013 07-09: Veivakabulabulataki Kei Na Veivakavoui
[Download... 23.5MB PDF] 2012 10-12: Tubu Cake Vei Karisito
[Download... 25.2MB PDF] 2011 07-09: So-Kalou

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